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Hi and welcome to all

1 year 3 weeks ago #2 by Wayne Evans
Hi guys, I'm Wayne and I run DeeJayPortal.  I have been a DJ for 30 years, and recently got into making my own music, and the occasional mashup.

DeeJayPortal originally started back in 2007-08 and was originally called oldskoolscouse, and changed to DJP shortly after, the site run for a number of years and boasted over 160,000 members, until the August of 2015 when we run into some legal issues regarding copyright infringement and the website was taken down.  I have played with the idea of bringing back DJP for a number of years, and finally I have decided to bring it back, and hope to make it bigger and better than before (minus the copyright issues).  At the moment it is still early days of the rebirth and I am currently putting things in place, and re-populating our downloads database.
The idea behind DJP is to bring together our community of DJs, producers, fans, and music lovers.  To help and support each other and give a helping hand where needed, to share your ideas and music/mixes created, and the technics you use.

As I said the site is in its early days, but I have opened it up for you to create your account and get started in our community.  We will add new content and features daily, and I hope you can join us for the ride.

Thanks for listening

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