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AlphaTheta Corporation acquires Serato Audio Research Limited

Exciting Acquisition Strengthens the Partnership Between Two Leading DJ and Audio Industry Brands

AlphaTheta Corporation, a market leader in DJ hardware and software through the Pioneer DJ brand, and Serato Audio Research Limited, a market leader in DJ and audio software, are thrilled to announce their agreement on the acquisition of all Serato shares by AlphaTheta. This acquisition, subject to approval by the New Zealand Overseas Investment Office and other customary conditions, solidifies the long-standing partnership between these two industry giants.

Enhancing the Partnership for Future Growth

Since 2011, AlphaTheta has developed exceptional DJ hardware compatible with Serato's DJ software. By continually exploring new avenues for growth and innovation within the DJ and audio industry, AlphaTheta has established itself as a pioneering force. The acquisition of Serato marks a significant milestone in the partnership between these two brands, presenting a world of exciting possibilities. Both companies share a commitment to blending music and technology, striving to deliver unparalleled experiences for DJs, artists, and audiences worldwide.

A Joyful Announcement by AlphaTheta's President and CEO

Yoshinori Kataoka, President and CEO of AlphaTheta, expresses his delight about the partnership, stating:

"I am thrilled to announce the acquisition of Serato. Through extensive discussions within our company and with Serato's management team, we have explored innovative ways to contribute to the industry. By integrating Serato into the AlphaTheta Group, we will unlock new synergies and drive significant technological advancements, further enhancing the value we bring to the community."

Serato's CEO Emphasizes Value Creation

Young Ly, CEO of Serato, comments:

"Serato has built a legacy of success over the past 25 years, fueled by our unwavering dedication to serving DJs, producers, and artists. We take immense pride in the strength of our business and the vibrant community that surrounds our brand. Today, we are excited to deepen our longstanding partnership with AlphaTheta, accelerating our ability to create value for our users and the industry as a whole."

Operating as Independent Brands

While leveraging the combined expertise of both companies, AlphaTheta and Serato will continue to operate as separate brands. This approach includes maintaining their enduring partnerships with key players in the DJ hardware and software industry. By preserving their distinct identities, AlphaTheta and Serato can further cultivate their respective strengths while benefiting from their shared resources and collaborative efforts.

Unlocking New Possibilities for the Future

The acquisition of Serato by AlphaTheta Corporation represents a significant milestone for both companies and the DJ and audio industry at large. With a shared vision for innovation and a commitment to delivering exceptional products and experiences, AlphaTheta and Serato are well-positioned to unlock new possibilities, shape the future of the industry, and continue delighting DJs, artists, and audiences worldwide.

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