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Our download section is now open for business,  here you will find FREE tools & addons sourced from all over the internet, conveniently located in one place, to aid you in your music mixing and production.

Keep checking back as more and more files will be added daily.

Number of Categories: 5

tools-icon0 Tools

Subcategories: 0
Files: 2

Here, you will find a diverse collection of downloadable tools designed specifically for DJs & Producers, aiming to enhance your performance and take your mixes to new heights. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, these addons are tailored to meet your unique needs and elevate your DJing experience.

vst-icon1 VST

Subcategories: 0
Files: 7

This is a haven for musicians, producers, and audio enthusiasts who seek to expand their creative possibilities and elevate their music production to new heights. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your musical journey, our curated selection of VST and VSTi plugins is here to inspire and enhance your sound.

Vocal-icon2 Vocal

Subcategories: 0
Files: 33

Extensive collection of vocal loops, samples, and drops! This category is dedicated to providing you with a diverse range of high-quality vocal elements that will take your music production, remixing, DJ sets, or audio projects to the next level. Whether you're a professional music producer, an aspiring artist, or a creative enthusiast, you'll find a treasure trove of vocal resources to inspire your creativity and add that special touch to your work.

midi-icon3 Midi Files

Subcategories: 0
Files: 8

Extensive collection of MIDI files covering various genres, including pop, rock, classical, jazz, electronic, hip-hop, and more. Our library is carefully curated, offering a diverse selection of MIDI files that cater to different musical tastes and styles. Whether you're looking for a catchy melody to inspire a new composition or seeking to recreate a favorite song in your own unique way, you'll find MIDI files that suit your needs.

video-icon4 Visuals

Subcategories: 0
Files: 1

Step into a world of captivating and immersive visuals with our extensive collection of downloadable visuals. Designed to enhance your DJ sets, live performances, or visual projects, our visuals category offers an array of stunning imagery that will ignite your creativity and captivate your audience.